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“Security Service Tbilisi” offers the installation of the latest alarm systems and equipment in apartments, offices and shops, including seasonal connections.

Access control
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Private guard

The scope of activities of the Security Service is the protection of individuals and legal entities and the provision of security services. Under the terms of the contract, provide services and cooperation with both Georgian and foreign organizations.

The security service is staffed with highly qualified staff who respond promptly even in the most force majeure environment. Employees are equipped with office machines, all modern tools necessary for the activity, including: hand-held radio stations and weapons, which are allowed to be carried under the Law of Georgia on Protection Activities, which is a necessary precondition for providing security services.

We offer our customers a reliable environment and follow all the rules to protect the safety of our partners, in which, in addition to professional employees, we are assisted by a high level of equipment.



The most demanded and proven means of ensuring security is the alarm, which is the best means of protecting the facility. When an outsider tries to penetrate a protected object, there is an immediate response.
Alarm equipment is made by the world’s leading brands and guarantees that your real estate, office space or business facility will be most reliably protected by us.
Before delivering the service, a team of specialists will study the specifications of the protected object, only then it will be planned at which points the equipment should be placed. Additional components may be required, such as fire alarm detector, glass break detector, gercon and other devices.
Alarm installation and 24-hour continuous monitoring are carried out by qualified staff, who, in order to improve the necessary skills, are constantly undergoing a training program, special training courses. We ensure the safety of electronic security systems. You can call the operator on duty at any time and get detailed information about the safety of your facility.


Alarm button

An alarm button is one of the types of alarms used to call confidential rapid response teams. There are two types of alarms: stationary, located in a convenient, unobtrusive place, and a remote alarm button (so-called keychain) that allows you to send an alarm signal from anywhere in a protected object.


Backup power supply

Whether the alarm is wired or wireless, it requires power. That is why the capacity of the battery must be selected so that in case of power outage, the alarm system can function.
For standard situations, a 7 amp / h battery is usually sufficient, which is guaranteed to run for 18 to 36 hours, and in the event that the risk of power outage is longer, it is necessary to use a higher capacity battery. The technical service of our company, after getting acquainted with the detailed information related to the supply of electricity, will make the relevant competent decision.

Which capacity of the battery will be used for the proper operation of your facility protection system.



Manpower protection and security is a distinctive service. Guards can be used on both open and closed type objects. The guards are equipped with uniforms, hand-held radio stations, truncheons, handcuffs and weapons allowed in accordance with the legislation in force in Georgia. They ensure the protection of material values ​​and public order in your facility. Depending on the specifics of the facility, special protection measures will be developed for the facility, such as a permit office, thermal screening and more.

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